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Gouffé was a bailiff who was lured into a trap with a young woman, Gabrielle Bompard, as bait. He was then strangled by her accomplice, Michel Eyraud. Here, the two accused are in the dock. Eyraud, on the right, was condemned to death and executed. Gabrielle Bompard, who is being questioned by the presiding judge of the Assize court, managed to save herself from the guillotine. Among the items of incriminating evidence, behind the box, the trunk in which they had hidden Gouffé’s body. .

Nehemiah Grew, The Anatomy of Plants, 1680

By the 1820s morphine was a popular anodyne, or soother. Morphine was also, however, a prime method of Victorian suicide. Morphine was six times as potent as opium. It was commercially available, and many upper and middle class patients purchased morphine from doctors and injected themselves daily with newly developed needles. This 'morphinism' was unbounded by legal or social guidelines, and many morphine addicts were unaware of their addiction.

Gabrielle Bompard, the Little Demon, comes to Paris in 1888.

Dora MAAR* Paul Eluard et Nusch à Mougins

Eyraud and Gabrielle flee to America and Gabrielle flees from Eyraud, returning to Paris with a new lover, Georges Garanger.

"Father" double exposure by Alessio Albi

John Auldjo, Vesuvius Lava map, 1832

japanese indigo katagami fish print