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Colonial Line Uniform coat 1770s unlaced 18th century uniform

An officer of the 4th Regiment of Foot [and his faithful hound] c.1780, by Thomas Gainsborough - The Athenaeum -

French officers with their Indian allies, Seven Years War

Roman Legionary, II century A.D. - 75mm Box Set - Ancient Rome

Officer, 42nd (Royal Highland) Regiment of Foot, 1768-1784 - "This man wears the full dress uniform of an officer in a Highland regiment of the British army, as established in 1768. The 42nd Foot stationed in Newfoundland and Nova Scotia during the final years of the American Revolution. Highlanders often wore more prosaic uniforms when on campaign in North America. Trousers would replace the kilt, if supplies of tartan cloth were unavailable."

Frockcoat, late 18thC. France, wool. Navy blue, collar, cuffs and skirts embroidered with cream silk "point Beauvais" garlands of pearls and flowers, embroidered buttons. Coutau-Bégarie

Fusilier of the French Dillon Regiment 1780, American War of Independence