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How cute is this contemporary version of Fenris? ~ Breathe by fettucine on deviantART

I feel awful for leaving my Hawke with Fenris in the fade! UGH! I don't have the heart to leave Alistair (my Dalish Warden has had enough heartbreak)! *casually makes another world in keep for Fenris to be with Hawke*


Dragon Age. Hawke. The Edge pt 2. You can't touch a woman who can wear pain, like the grandest of diamonds around her neck.

✮ Wasteland ✮ Dorian Pavus. Dragon Age: Inquisition.

After Kirkwall- Not just a nightmare by darth-coco - Just gonna say it - "You should have thought of that BEFORE you blew up the Chantry, Anders."

Dragon Age Inquisition Leliana Illustration - art Original Home Decor - Poster Gamer - Geek - jeux vidéo Design Art peinture - Crow peinture

Dragon Age Inquisition Leliana Illustration art par MieMoeShop

nipuni: “ We all have a face we want to show, and a face we do not -Solas some more metal Solas by popular demand, i’m so sorry i’ll escort myself out ”