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Ted Nugent, Conservative Icon (aka a misinformed, delusional bigot) - "If colored people are so unhappy then why did they come here in the first place?"

This is one of the worst things I have heard. Not surprised it came from a republicans mouth...(greatest nation ever stolen)...what an idiot

"This isn't a man bashing pin. It's a great quote because it's true. Why do any of us have to apologize for either? Women shouldn't be afraid to be "strong," and men shouldn't be penalized for being "weak." "Men are taught to apologize for their weakness, women for their strengths." ~Lois Wyse"

Does this scare the shit out of you? It scares the shit out of me that there are more stupid people in America than I thought. #uspoli #auspol

Victor Hugo«Les hypocrites les plus doux sont les plus redoutables. Les masques de velours sont toujours noirs. » Victor Hugo

Les Femmes Blâmant,Freaking Moron,Total Freaking,Fucking Twat,Soooo Stupid,Douchebags,Morons,Assholes,Victim Blaming

Additionally… Women do 2/3 of the world’s labour, produce 50 percent of the world’s food, earn only 10 percent of the income, and own only 1 percent of the property in the world. (Sources: The UN, Women for Women International)

If you care about veterans as much as you say you do, you should not let this go unforgotten.

Apparently a people that has lived in North America for thousands of years are now considered illegal...smh