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Wiccan Moonsong: Grounding - Tree Method Merry Meet :)) Almost all of you who have found your way to me are highly sensitive. Many of you are Empaths. There are many skills that are important to us to take care of ourselves. Grounding is one of them. I wanted to go over a very simple method of grounding with you today. Some of you will be familiar with this.

Look Into Your Shadow ...I'm not sure if this would relate to Jung, but I will look into it.

"The magic begins in you. Feel your own energy, and realize similar energy exists within the Earth, stones, plants, water, wind, fire, colors, and animals." -Scott Cunningham

The Goddess awakens in our hearts before she awakens in the world ❤ --Marianne Williamson

“Search to find that inner peace, and when you find it, watch as your energy transforms the world that surrounds you." ― Jasmeine Moonsong Put A Little Magick in Your Day! Premium edition includes daily magickal correspondences, quotes, affirmations, tarot card, spell , and an article teaching you more about your path. :))) **original artwork by: Sofia**

Urya or Ravi Mudra..tip of the ring finger (symbolized by Uranus or the Sun) touches the tip of the thumb, giving energy, health and intuition.

"Learn to recognize the signs from your guides, and you will find your path is always well lit, and there is always someone helping to lead the way for you." - Jasmeine Moonsong