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Josef "Sepp" Dietrich (28 May 1892 – 21 April 1966) was a Waffen-SS general in Nazi Germany who commanded units up to Army level during World War II. Prior to 1929, he was Adolf Hitler's chauffeur and bodyguard but received rapid promotion after his participation in the murder of Hitler's political opponents during the Night of the Long Knives. He later commanded 6th Panzer Army during the Battle of the Bulge. After the war, he was imprisoned by the United States for war crimes and later by…

Célébrations et traditions religieuses dans la Wehrmacht

A U.S. soldier mocks Germany's "Hitler" for the camera!!

Sur le front de l’Est, deux paysannes au travail sous le regard d’un officier allemand (Sonderfuehrer), chargé de l’inspection des récoltes. Date : 1942-1943 Lieu : Ukraine, URSS

World War Two, United States Army Air Force (U.S.A.A.F.), 5th Photo Reconnaissance Group, 32nd Photo Recon Squadron, Cpl. Willie Dysart (Photo Lab Tech), Italy, Winter, 1944

Les Flakturm (tour de la DCA),Les bunkers unique au monde

Adolf Hitler, visiting the front during the invasion of Poland, listens to the report of a front-line officer. Behind Hitler, on the left, stands General Alfred Jodl, chief of operations staff at armed forces HQ; on the right is Hitler's army adjutant, Major Gerhard Engel.

Dr. Adelaide "Heidi" Hautval of Strasbourg, France was arrested by the Nazis. Sent to Auschwitz, she witnessed the medical experiments and refused to participate. Transported to Ravensbruck, she again refused to participate in experiments. When the doctor said that Jews were different, she said, “In this camp, many people are different from me. You, for example.” She saved many lives by hiding the condemned as patients and stayed at the camp with Mme Vaillant-Couturier post war to care for…

German SS soldiers