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A life in pictures: Angela Barrett

From The Ice Palace (1994) In her feverish state, Angela dreams of living in an icy place in a dress made of snowflakes. While many modern illustrators have a grabby style, Barrett's is more softy persuasive, as you can see in this magical collaboration with the writer Angela McAllister. See how she uses light and colour to create an atmosphere.

"You understand," she said, "why I can't go with you. But I will meet you here every night." And that's exactly what she did until she was an old woman and he was a very old bear. "Affection" by Albitar.

stamp hungary 1961 Ursus maritimus Eisbär polar bear by, via Flickr

Polar Bear Print- Christmas Print - Polar Bear Portrait - Polar Bear Art - Chistma Art - Red Polka Dot Scarf

Polar Bear Portrait - Red Scarf

Zuni artist, Brian Yatsattie created this marvelous, stylized bear. Hand carved out of bowlerite with coral eyes, the bear’s head is slightly turned and he looks alert. Zuni bear fetishes are a symbol of strength,...

Nouvelle affiche Zü

zü: Nouvelle affiche Zü

Moon Gazing by Sweet Pea illustrations

"Ours" - by Marie Cardouat

robert bissell bears - His bears are awesome!!! Wish I could afford one of his paintings