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Amazing Stealth - D&D shenanigans
Link Web comic | When I was young, I used to think that Link was on those Wanted signs in "A Link to the Past" because he would do stuff like breaking and entering, theft, and destruction of private property.

Enfaîte on a tous déjà joué..

Cosplay Lara Croft et son arc - http://www.2tout2rien.fr/cosplay-lara-croft-et-son-arc/
Natural 1
Dwarven rogues might seem an unusual choice, but actually work very well for…
The Amazing D-Total Dice, 18 Dice in One.. Cool!
I have sooooo been there.  In basically every game where I can choose my stats.  I always drop Str and Con (or their equivalents) to boost Int and/or Cha (or their equivalents).  Gets me nearly killed a lot, but I always know WHY and how I might've prevented it.  :P
Gimli crated the original Axe scent.
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