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He's just soooo cute

Cute! Older pic of Green Day. I love Billie soooo much!!!!

Green Day | American Idiot | Boulevard of Broken Dreams | I walk a lonely road The only one that I have ever known

soooo sweaty

billie joe armstrong holiday | Pokémon billie joe armstrong 17 17 - holiday - My Pokemon Card

eye candy billie joe armstrong 20 Afternoon eye candy: Billie Joe Armstrong (28 photos)

Billie Joe Armstrong Chaud,Green Day Avrilavigne,Armstrong Repin,Armstrong Yum,Armstrong Lead,Freaking Armstrong,Armstrong Awesome,Armstrong Images,Armstrong Photo

Obsession Préférée,Choses Préférées,Billie Joe Armstrong,28 Photos,Bono,Favourite Bands,Armstrong 28,12 Afternoon,Candy Billie

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