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Mason bees don't sting, don't swarm, and don't make honey. But they *do* pollinate plants way better than regular bees. Put up a mason bee house, order some bees, and enjoy your harvest.

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If you build it…bees will come.

DIY: Mason Bee house (for a more productive garden!)

Tin can and straws. Such a simple diy mason bee house. a peaceful non-stinging bee that is also a legendary pollinator.

DIY inspiration | Homemade Twig Trellis

Wee Green Spot .... Just got my Mom one of these for Christmas. Live moss, felted miniature sheep...adorable ♥

Hotel a insectes cliquer sur lien pour liste des matériaux à mettre dans les case (en francais pour une fois !)

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Mason Bee House - Attract Nature's Best Non-Stinging Pollinators To Your Garden

Have you ever heard of a Mason Bee? I hadn't, but they are definitely great bees to have around your garden. Unlike most bees, the Mason Bee is a peaceful non-stinging bee that is also a legendary pollinator. These cool bees each visit and pollinate nearly 100 blooms each day, so it would be wise to give them a good home close by with the Mason Bee House.

Bee Waterer: Marbles in a Pan Filled with Water- Allows Bees to Land & Drink W/Out Drowning

In this indoor herb garden, each tier can be used for planting different herbs. Isn't that cool?? #smallgardenideas #sgi