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Orsopanax perforatum ssp 3 Céramique : 50X40 cm

set of 3 porcelain and leather hanging containers by farrahsit

Calebasses by Nathalie Derouet - Grès, émail bleu ardoise satin. diam. 33 cm / haut. 20 cm - www.nathaliederouet.com

Ceramics by Nathalie Audibert

Tabuchi Taro

Anne Fallis Elliott - teapot ECKMANN ECKMANN LOVE

Copirates/ Porcelain ML Gobat

Alberto Giacometti, Cube, 1933

Camille Campignion carves geometric designs into clay & the pieces are fired at a temperature of 980° for enamelling. The raku pieces are then fired rapidly again to about 960°. Once the temperature has been attained, the firing is abruptly stopped. Due to thermal `shock` the enamel cracks. The pieces are then submerged in woodchips, straw & paper, that burst into flames due to the heat. Carbon is released which infiltrates the cracked areas, creating black veins / D'une terre à l'autre

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