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For me the green and blue wouldn't be there at all... and purple would probably bigger... buuut still!

Reid: Whoo! Whoo! A couple hours. A couple hours. You guys didn’t come home till sunrise. JJ: Why are you yelling? Prentiss: Make him stop! Criminal Minds

How can you not admit he's sexy even in that sweater ..Matthew Gray Gubler

Criminal minds Emily Prentiss

criminal minds quotes - Omg so true! Love Morgan and Garcia they are my favs on the show!

Matthew Gray Gubler & Shemar Moore

remember sixth season when Matthew Gray Gubler was a hottie mchottiepants and had short hair and wore sunglasses and pretty much solved crime with his beautiful face...yeah me too

find the place inside where there’s joy and the joy will burn out the pain - Joseph Campbell #cm