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The MyKey 2300 ($300) uses Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) technology to replace your conventional door lock and metal keys. It can be installed easily on almost any doorway and unlocks with a wave of one of the six included RFID cards (or your wallet if you've got one stored in it). And since there's no keyholes to pick and because it runs off of isolated battery power, the MyKey is tons more secure than your current lock. The device also has a slide-out keypad and built-in auto-lock…

Interesting news and stats on the future of #wearables and #tech

Credit Card USB Flash Drives - keep it in your wallet, and you'll always have one when you need it!

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LEGO – Un designer veut construire un téléphone en kit qui dure vraiment

▶ Phonebloks - YouTube. The future of communication technology

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Eyewear Online

It can be scary to buy glasses online, but the results are SO much cheaper, and just as high of quality. You can also get great prices on contacts (and it's a lot less scary).

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Des chercheurs coréens planchent sur une batterie flexible


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30 Surprising Tricks that Will Make Your Stuff Last Longer - Page 31 of 31

30 Surprising Tricks that Will Make Your Stuff last Longer