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Shoghaken - traditional Armenian instruments. My favorites are pretty much all of them. But I LOVE the kanoun and the duduk. Perfect to listen to when wanting to relax. The dohl, when in the right hands, can be an amazing beat to any song or by itself.

Tyarndarach! Source: Cross of Armenian Unity The food prepared for this occasion: 1: xorizov gata, 2: little balls,which are called poxindz made of the special wheat farine mixed with the walnut jam's liquid(@nkuyzi murabayi sok), 3: Arandz,which is made of popcorn fried(without oil)grains of wheat,hemp+candies of different colors, 4: Roles with apricot jam, Armenians prepare halva and other tasty things:)

Armenian Genocide Memorial 4/24/14 in Yerevan, Armenia. May God rest the souls of the innocent children, women and men that lost their lives in the Armenian Genocide, Greek Genocide and the Assyrian Genocide during this horrible time in history. Hopefully one day justice will prevail and they will get the recognition around the world that they deserve.

This is a wonderful valley near the Saghmosavanq church (XIII century), Armenia

Traditional Armenian Furniture (by Vano Dadoyan) Excelent examples of traditional Armenian furniture made without nails or glue. These photos demonstrate how strong the traditional attachments are.

Charles Aznavour- He's Armenian and known as the French Frank Sinatra.

Was just looking through some of my old negative scans and found this one again. It's of Robert (left) and Gor (right), two homeless war veterans living on the streets of Yerevan and part of a long-term project that Edik Baghdasarian and I worked on documenting the homeless in the Armenian capital.