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art blog - Seb Janiak - empty kingdom

Magnifique réfection 2 entre ciel et terre

Stormy Sea and Sky

Power of Nature

The Kingdom, la série de photographie par le français Seb Janiak. Il présente une nature omnipotente quasi mystique dans un monde obscur.

Winter rain

Puma Punku in Bolivia, is understood to be at least 14,000 years old, essentially, right out of the stone age. Which begs to question, how were cave men able to build some of the most sophisticated stone work the world has ever seen? 200 ton stones (with one even weighing in at 450 tons), were carved out of solid blocks of diorit, a material so tough it can only be cut with diamonds.

Lampadaires dans les rues de Paris - Paris, France

bouletcorp – (english version :