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sometimes it feels really sad that no one can actually understand you...BUT sometimes it's fun that you are not so predictable ;)

Fun facts about your sign here...They go overboard sometimes and can be an ass too. Plus can put it out but can't take it

Unappreciated. Esp when you tried to be there for them during a difficult time in their life, and they still talk crap about you. They don't stand up for you when their "friends" talk about you.

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I know that you both have so much love in your heart. Make sure you give it to the girl who will deserve it the most

Fun facts about your sign here

Too many people live in the past...embrace the now and what's to come!!!

When does this end. Don't we all grow up and just want real friends. Fuck I'm tired of trying to find true friends that care about me as much as I care for them