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Johannes Lampe being interviewed in front of the pond where the hunt seal was conducted in 1880. Berlin Zoo. / Entrevue avec Johannes Lampe devant l'étang du zoo de Berlin où la chasse au phoque a eu lieu en 1880. (Photo: France Rivet)

Shocking history of Inuit trapped in 'human zoos' revealed in documentary

Abraham Ulrikab was on display across Europe in what amounted to a 'human zoo.' He and seven others from an Inuit community in Labrador were shipped to Germany in the late 1800s. The Current speaks with an Inuit elder who wants to bring their remains home.

Charles “Saali” Keelan, who portrays Abraham Ulrikab in the documentary Trapped in a Human Zoo, surrounded by his friends Jaaji and Chelsey June of the duo Twin Flames. Jaaji and Chelsey co-authored the song Isuma which is part of the film’s soundtrack.

Paris - Projection du documentaire "Piégés dans un zoo humain" le 9 novembre 2016.

Minister Patricia Kemuksigak with author France Rivet. Photo tweeted by Tourism Nunatsiavut. Thanks go to Sophie Tremblay-Morissette.

Mongolian nomads' spring migration – in pictures

Mongolian nomads' spring migration – in pictures (Tim Allen, The Guardian, 13 May 2016) Caption: The families and their animals head to the spring pastures

Announcing the world premier of the documentary "Trapped in a Human Zoo: Based on Abraham's Diary" at the Northern Lights 2016 trade show in Ottawa, Canada.

Nain Elder Johannes Lampe (left) speaking with the scientific head of the Anthropological Collections of the Muséum national d'histoire naturelle, Dr. Alain Froment. / Johannes Lampe discutant avec le Dr. Alain Froment, responsable scientifique des collections d'anthropologie du Muséum national d'histoire naturelle. (Photo: France Rivet)

Producer Roch Brunette introduces the film "Trapped in a Human Zoo".

A re-enactment scene from the making-of of the documentary film "Trapped in a Human Zoo"./ Une scène de reconstitution lors du tournage du documentaire "Piégés dans un zoo humain". (Photo: France Rivet)