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Flashback: Secrets of Merseyside’s workhouses

the lifestyle of poor victorians | Children from an old Victorian workhouse on a day out next to the ...

Children Chimney Sweeps In Victorian Times

Liverpool - 1962 © Henri Cartier-Bresson / Magnum

London Poor: 19th Century London street children huddle together for warmth and safety.

Camel China, Beijing, ca. 1880

Barbara Taylor Bradford and the tragic truth behind her rags to riches story: Novelist worth £200m discovers her own family history is similar to many of her plots

My grandmother Edith Walker - Her story will be chronicled on ITV's Secrets from the Workhouse

A very proper, beautiful young lady, from the Victorian era.

Victorian children, 1890s by east_lothian_museums, via Flickr

1901 July, Les Modes Paris - L'escalier du Moulin

Winston Churchill addressing merchant ships' crews and dockers at Liverpool, April 1941.