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What Each Myers-Briggs Personality Type Was Like As A Child ---Hahaha!!! Indeed: INTJ--The reserved child who occasionally blurted out something so intelligent that their parents and teachers felt genuinely intimidated.

i am a P... and i carefully way my decisions based on mucho thinking process. i not only hate the flow, i purposely will not agree with the crowd, they're a bunch of pussies !! ~ August

This is stronger in INTPs than in any other type.

à partir de Esprit Science Métaphysiques

La définition de l'enfer pour chaque type de personnalité de Myers-Briggs

La définition de l'enfer : Le paradis d’un seul homme peut être l’enfer d’un autre, et cette affirmation est encore plus vraie du point de vue des seize


How to Win Over INFJs

Almost all of these are perfect. Number 1 is a bit different for me. I do want advice sometimes, or maybe I just want to know what people I respect would do in the situation. Number 6 is just hilarious-not sure they got it, but that may be the point.:

Especially self-honesty. The saddest part is that most will begin to believe their own lies as if they were true and this makes for very distorted thinking and inaccurate memory recall - very challenging in therapy.

INFJ..."sometimes you feel like a bottle of contrasting emotion. With every layer, there is a new feeling."

HUGE understatement- I hatttttte being controlled by anyone... But the thing is I would never want to control others..