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Gallery of Communique Headquarters / DaeWha Kang Design - 1

Image 1 of 19. © Kyungsub Shin

"In Defense of Brutalism" is a heroic view of the handsome Contemporaine building, drawn by Chicago artist Kevin Frank. The print was painst...

❖(Untitled) | Carol Aplogan

While many contemporary architects have shunned traditional brick materials in favor of flashy glass and steel, this ancient and reliable building method can...


thats what im talkin about

Photograph Lights... by Mustafa AbdulHadi Somewhere in Bahrain

Une église en strates de métal en Belgique

Une église en strates de métal en Belgique Plus

New Seifullin Center - Neil Denari

2/3/4/ Architecture » 66 logements zac des docks à Saint-Ouenlivraison