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Dwarf "locksmith" picking a lock, long brown beard, hood, dagger.

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dungeons and dragons old dwarf woman - Google Search

Aforetime it was said by the Elves that dying, the Dwarves returned to the earth and the stone from which they were made . But the Dwarves hold that Aule the maker, whom they call Mahal, cares for them, and gathers them to Mandos in halls set apart; and that he declared to the fathers of old that Illuvatar will hallow them and give them a place among thw Children in the End. Then their part shall be to serve Aule and to aid him in the remaking of Arda after the last battle.

Dwarf quarreler; Brian Lawver Art

Barde Demi-Elfe - Image tirée du RPG Baldur's Gate I