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Chewy, gooey and bite sized. These are the perfect #cookie!

Rich, fudgy, soft batch double chocolate cookies oozing with chocolate chips. A simple recipe that's perfect for any chocolate lover.

I Want to Marry You Cookies, A Middle of the Night Party that ALMOST was

Loaded Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Cookies - Soft, chewy, and loaded with chocolate! Sinking your teeth into a thick, hearty cookie is the best!! So good!

The Perfect Chocolate Chip Cookie - thick chewy and full of chocolate.

Soft and Chewy Triple Chocolate Fudge Cookies Recipe -- a chocolate lover's dream come true! http://roxanashomebaking.com/soft-chewy-triple-chocolate-fudge-cookies-recipe/

The chewiest, softest, thickest Chocolate Chip Cookies ever. So many little tricks explained to get that perfect cookie every time.

Cherry Cheesecake Thumbprint Cookies - this is a ridiculously easy recipe…

Baked Perfection: Magic Cookie Bars

I Want to Marry You Cookies - Makes 24 to 36 Cookies from The Café Sucré Farine

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