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Explorez Division Marine, 5Ème Marine et plus encore !

5th Marine Division .30 caliber machine gunner fires in support of an assault on Japanese positions on February 19 1945.

1945 – Marines in combat on southern Okinawa. A .30-caliber light machine gun lays down fire support for an infantry attack. These automatic weapons were crucial elements in the rifle company's operations

Marines Fire Machine Gun At Japanese Troops Saipan Pacific

6th Marine Division blasts Japanese Position on Okinawa

Marines just off the Guadalcanal perimeter line-up for hot chow. For most of its time on ther Canal, the First Marine Division encountered shortages of rations, forcing the Marines to subsist on a near-starvation diet. It took the Division nearly a year to recover for Guadalcanal.

Task Force 58 raid on Japan. 40mm guns firing aboard USS HORNET on 16 February 1945, as the carrier’s planes were raiding Tokyo. Note expended shells and ready-service ammunition at right. February 1945. Lt. Comdr. Charles Kerlee.

panzer III tank and german infantry of the 1st Panzer Division during operation barbarossa (1941)

ALLIED CAMPAIGN NORTH WEST EUROPE 1944-45 (EA 62867) A cheerful young German boy soldier captured by the 11th Armoured Division, Third US Army, near Kulmbach, Germany, 15 April 1945. Although wearing a German Army uniform, he had not been issued arms. He was one of a group being marched to the Czechoslovak border.

Greek soldiers fight the Italian Fascist invasion in the mountains of Albania in November 1940. In this photo, they prepare to fire a 65mm mountain gun. The artillery target officer is on the right calculating the trajectory.

Boys in Berlin, 1945