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Battle of the Bulge medic Don Rinella

101st Airborne troops moving out of Bastogne, after having been besieged there for ten days, to drive the enemy out of the surrounding district. Belgium 31 Dec 1944.

World War II American soldier with German prisoners.

Tank destroyers attached to the 82nd Airborne Division move up in the fog toward Chenaux, Belgium - December 20, 1944,

Portrait d'un très jeune prisonnier de la Wehrmacht. Son regard noir et inquiet est remarquable

Young German "Flakhelfer" gunner is searched after being taken prisoner by US forces near Berlin, March 1945.

New York Bureau.Captured with Nazis.France - Visible among the faces of these men, captured by the Allied liberation forces in Normandy, are Chinese and Mongolian types. Reports from Allied Headquarters indicate that Japanese also were among those fighting for the Nazis. At least, these men, (above), seem happy that they no longer have to fight for the German "Super Race." Passed by censors..Credit: Acme photo by Bert Brandt for War Picture Pool.Date: 6-15-44

Normandy, 1944. German troops surrender to a GI. *Note the Allied soldier is holding a German Luger pistol on them.

Captured German boy soldier enjoys a cup of coffee aboard a U.S. Coast Guard LCI, Normandy coast, 1944