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Exactly I know I'm worth more than the way I've been treated ...especially at work

Yes! Some of these other quotes worry me because it makes ladies think that they can't get out of a bad relationship because they are "giving up". You should give up on a bad relationship!!!! Know what your worth and don't allow someone to treat you any less...

... Judgemental people. Look to yourself before you judge others. You want to be orange/tanned? Go ahead! You want to tattoo yourself bright blue? Go for it, baby! Dont be something you arent to please others and to anyone who is an arsehole to another person to make themselves feel better? Fuck off. #irritations #room101

This is the best sentence ever.

à partir de BuzzFeed

25 Quotes That Will Inspire You To Be A Fearless Writer

/ worth taking the risk

Moving on....actually forgiveness is also a gift you give yourself.

Oh. Something to remember when dealing with the work situation.