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Engraved titlepage from Johann Joachim Becher, Natur-Kündigung der Metallen, Frankfurt, 1661.

The alchemical beast from Michelspacher's Cabala, 1615.

Mercure tente d'arrêter le cours du temps, représenté par Saturne Nicolas Flamel (1330 ?-1418), Le Livre d'Abraham le Juif XVIIe siècle. Man...

Title page engraving from Christoph Glasser, Chimischer Wegweiser, 1710.

Alchemy: The Sun. De Sphaera Biblioteca Estense Universitaria (Modena, Italy), 15th century. An #Alchemy artwork.

Illustrations of furnaces and alchemical apparatus from Geber Woodcuts from the ”Works of Geber” by Richard Russell, London, 1678. A modern coloration by Adam McLean. ooblium: Illustrations of furnaces and... - La Buena Diógenes

Symboles alchimiques : Emblèmes de Solidonius Alchimie de Nicolas Flamel (1330 ?-1418) Manuscrit à peintures, 395 pages, 23 x 20 cm BnF, Dép...

4027. As much attention we roosters and chickens give to the act of running around with our heads cut off after we are dead, still, none of us can ever know for sure what it is really like, because while we are doing it we are already dead. It is for this reason that we have to learn all the movements in advance and practice them till we can do them almost without thinking.

Natura medicinæ (Alchimie) XVIIe siècle. Manuscrit à peintures, papier, 72 folios, 16,9 x 10,9 cm BnF, Arsenal, MS 975, fol. 10, planche 1