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SPRIGGAN Spriggans are beings which are made entirely of wood and magical…

Temple en ruine

DRAGON PRIEST Dragon priests are powerful undead enemies found in Skyrim. Thousands of years ago, these priests ruled over Skyrim at the behest of their Dragon overlords. In service, many of these dragon priests were granted extraordinary powers and knowledge in arcane, and some of them managed to reach Lichdom to evade their own demise. Their burial sites in one of the many ancient tombs and temples, dotted all across Skyrim, awaiting the return of Alduin the "World-Eater."

All that is gone by Peter Nijenhuis on Flickr.

SKEEVER Skeevers are large, rat-like creatures that make their nests in caves, sewers, and underground warrens, etc. While easy to kill, they can be a challenge in groups, and carry debilitating diseases.

[Notre couleur] - Bambou vert de plusieurs tailles

ANCIENT DRAGON In terms of overall appearance, these dragons possess a similar look to Elder Dragons, except they possess a color change, being more tan and pink in color, rather than bronze and yellow. The black splotches still remain on the dragon, and are noticeable on the head crests, wings, and tail. These dragons have a more spiny back, with a seeming triple row of small, stubby spikes, lining down the spine, to the tail. In terms of size, these dragons are the largest, barring…

Virginie Ropars dolls - Look at seperate Elements. Patterns, colours, hair…

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