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Annabeth Chase (Percy Jackson books) This is exactly how I pictured Annabeth in th books.

silena beauregard and charles beckendorf | Dollz en ligne

Percy Jackson Fan Art | Percy Jackson vs Harry Potter girlfight PJatO style

à partir de Behind the black spot

I tested some animation tricks on an old

alea-lefevre: I tested some animation tricks on an old illustration so I decided to post it there. Is the gif going to be uploaded on the 1st attempt ? who knows?

I can barely contain myself … It’s Percabeth week!! I didn’t want to draw them in the place we won’t mention because I’ll become to overwhelmed by feels. So, instead HAPPY PERCABETH! I felt this was definitely something they’d do in their spare time, ‘cause Annabeth wanting to be an architect and all :)

à partir de Wiki Colonie des Sang-Mêlé

Colonie des Sang-Mêlé


The Lost Hero: This part was so cute :) <<< It gave me butterflys, so sweet <3 Yay Piper and Jason <3

Percy Jackson and Annabeth Chase. So cute.