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Oh SHITE this is EPIC!!! : Garrus Vakarian - alias : Archangel : ME art,фэндомы,ME персонажи,Garrus

ME art,фэндомы,Mass Effect Andromeda,marceline2174

Effet De Masse Obsession,Obsession Maladive,Autres Artistes,Masseffect,Mass Effect Mix,Mass Effect Goodness,Artists Oc,Betti357 Deviantart,Art Mass

Garrus & Wrex

This is, by far, my favorite fan art ever! Baby is staying uncle Garrus and Aunt Tali for the weekend<3

The Art of Mass Effect - Page 49

We've created the Mass Effect Spectre Pendant Necklace by popular request. Want to be part of the elite group of Spectres? You'll need this. The Mass Effect Spectre Pendant measures 1" Wide and Tall.

Mass Effect Universe Art Book | mass_effect_n7_day-by_splikitt-d6tga4q

The Art of Mass Effect

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