To break CDs, boil a pot of water and then place in a mixing bowl. Place the CD in for about 5 minutes so that it softens. Then you can use scissors to cut any shape you like or simply break it up with your hands. And yes, good ventilation is necessary for this one (though we didn't actually smell any fumes).

Owls from CDs and lids

Mosaic Tile Birdbath Using Recycled DVDs


sun catcher using old cds. upcycling. recycling - link does not work, but don't reallly need instructions! I would probably glue two CDs back-to-back, then drill holes.

Styrofoam stamp attached to a cork

Fait à la sculpture de tranche ordre lune par WildSliceDesigns

4. #Mosaic Address Plaque - A bit of bling for the front of your home - 35 Ways to Recycle Old CDs

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