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... some really evil men had kidnapped the poor Lisa Lang from her home just on her wedding day, when she just waitet for her mother to pick her up and drive with her to church. Now the poor Lisa is the KIDNAPPED BRIDE...and the kidnappers told her that she has to stay their guest for a long long time..Thank you so much to madmac14 who uploded this lovely photo on @deviantART....

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nelly vintage home

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Say Hello to Allison, AKA Joshua By Master Artist Reva Schick She has a FREE anatomically correct belly PLATE the perfect gift to give

Welcome ALLISON she is about 20 long and weighs about 6 pounds reborn on June 12,2015 she is a SILICONE / VINYL Baby dolls from this line are

Ash LaRose 27. Burlington, VT

Baby Jaxon born at 28 weeks weighing 2pds 9oz. Was weak and helpless to him, but him getting stronger, helped me be stronger.