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Open Rp) I sit on the empty deck. Two amps set up next to me. I strum a few chords on my new electric guitar. The noise echoed through the silent night..

Gothic Makeup

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Shop Gothic Clothing on : Votre boutique de vêtements et bijoux gothiques romantiques, mais aussi d'accessoires, de lingerie et de colorations pour un style original, sexy et raffiné! Plus

Open Rp, Evelyn) This day had been odd. First an encounter with a hunter, and then meeting a human boy who saw me. I hope I didn't appear to strange, it had been ages since I had casually talked to anyone. I sit on the grave and get lost in thought..

Jessica Stam Make up by Anne Arnold

//FC: Felice Fawn// My name is Evelyn Constantine. I'm 17 and single. I'm also a Mai. I'm a cat chick. Claws, fangs, hidden tail, the works. My eyes are also slits. I love to run, I'm as fast as a cheetah, maybe faster. Say hi