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3. Why will they want to participate? What is our target’s intrinsic motivation to participate? Status, self-expression, altruism? How can we build additional extrinsic reasons to believe, through real or virtual incentives?

Extrinsic v. Intrinsic motivation.

Extrinsic vs Intrinsic motivation - External (demands/rewards), Introjection (self-worth, ego), Identification (means to an end), Integration (I want to but I don't like it), Intrinsic (inherently rewarding)

4. Have we made it as easy as possible for them to participate? As Clay Shirky so memorably puts it. “Behaviour is motivation filtered by opportunity”. The final link in building participation, then, is designing user experiences that maximize simple, frictionless opportunities to participate.

Synthesis of design thinking, agile development, and Lean Startup / Julie Baher

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