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Breaking through mental barriers in training

Always finish your workout unless you are in SERIOUS pain. Being tired or a little sore does NOT count!! ;]

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What Causes Knee Soreness after Working Out?

Leg Exercises That Don't Hurt the Knees

Don't skip the #WarmUp. When it comes to #injury, one of the biggest mistakes you can make in the #gym is forgetting to warm up. Warming up is exactly what it sounds like: getting the blood flowing and your core temperature up before you start your workout. Instead of jumping right into lifting weights or intense cardio, do a set of dynamic stretches, and walk briskly around the gym while you stretch.

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Battle the Muffin Top With Your New BFF Side Plank

Whittle Your Waist With Side Planks

5-50's: crunches, lying lateral leg raise (each side), bridges, lying toe touches, plié squats

An alternative for Stuffed Cabbage - use Quinoa & Beef Filling version and choose another sauce from Cookus Interruptus - How to Make Stuffed Collard Greens with Tzatziki Sauce