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This is Alexandria, she is 15, and loves: painting, her pet chameleon, and Spring time. Please Adopt

Can someone do an edit for me? I need the hair dark blond, same length. Dark brown eyes. And an avengers t-shirt. Thanks!

This is Taylor. She is fun loving and adventurous. She is 17 Please adopt her.

Princesse disney fan art

This is Ann, but she goes by Annie. She is 15 and has mood powers. She is dyslexic and not to smart. she is very good at sports and is very popular. Her Best friend is Zach, though they are very different, They are also Brother and sister and would like to be adopted together. Adopted by @beanbean2004

Rapunzel // Disney art // Tangled // Disney princess The Loss of Disney Art

Mom thought I wasn't going out anymore and I need to get back in the market she tried to set me up with her friend's son ugh why does she hate me now that I'm gone

this is rachel. she is 14 yrs old, and is curious. she likes dancing and singing. she is hoping do be adopted before christmas to celebrate with u.