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Detox Green Smoothie

Green Smoothie : 1 cup water or coconut water 2 bunches kale Juice of 1 lemon 1 green apple, chopped 2 pitted dates 1 to 2 slices ginger 1/2 cup of ice Flax or chia seed

Cleanse Your WHOLE Body With Five Smoothies!

vanilla milk with chocolate ice cubes .

Super Detox Green Juice

Super Detox Green Smoothie--This healthy breakfast juice helps to keep sugar cravings at a minimum. #sugarfree #breakfast #smoothie

Smoothie au lait de coco

Smoothie au lait de coco : ananas, lait de coco, bananes

Energy Boosting Morning Green Smoothie

Don't get me wrong, I'm still a huge fan of my green juices. But, sometimes a girl needs some fibrous green drinks in her life - so enter the green smoothie. Green smoothies LOVE you and your body. It's a way to pack leafy greens - which contain more vitamins and minerals than any other food group - into an easy to drink, delicious tasting drinks. You can boost your immune system, fight disease with powerful antioxidants, improve health and longevity, and naturally boost your energy. It's…

The Ultimate Appetizer Board

OK, vous associez peut-être l’idée du green smoothie à un délire de foodistas branchouilles et arrogantes. ET POURTANT. On peut vous...

Diaporama "Les 10 plus jolies eaux fruités épinglés sur Pinterest pour ceux qui n'aiment pas l'eau" - Eau myrtilles & sauge

Tropical Mango Kale Smoothie

Ingrédients : 1 banane ; 1 kiwi large ; 12 dés mangue, surgelés ; 2 tasses chou kale ; 1/2 tasse lait coco