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Kinesthete / Competitor / Storyteller - Dancing, as a kid, was another outlet for me in many ways. I enjoyed the freedom of movement, and finding creative ways to express emotion or tell stories. Performing with my brothers was a way we would compete with our peers and find pleasure in expressing ourselves. Creating dance routines was a way that taught me to be organized, and nevertheless, on time.

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Kinesthete - As a child playing basketball did a lot for me. Although it was a very fun activity, it holds much value to me. Basketball gave me an outlet for my anger. It helped convert negative energy into something positive. I could express aggression in certain moves on the court.

Storyteller - Watching movies is always a way to escape my realities. I can be so invested into a movie that it totally produces wondrous effects on me. A movie with a great story always inspires or motivates me. Movies give me something to reference in my raps to make my lyrics more relatable.

Director - Playing and learning the game of basketball gave me ability to plan and execute effective ways to score over the opponent. This gave me leadership qualities. I could direct my teammates to make plays, and match up their qualities to the role they play on the court.

Artist/Creator or Storyteller - Making music or writing lyrics has always been powerful outlets for me. These are ways to let off steam and get something off my chest. I could create something new and creatively tell stories through sounds or with lyrics.

Explorer/Storyteller - Listening to music is something I will always and forever do. For the the most part listening to music moves me in many ways. It helps me to explore my imagination or inspires me to create something new. Music always motivates me in someway whether a song is good or bad.

Joker - Comedy and jokes are always forces of positive energy. I enjoy laughing and making people laugh. It always keep the "kid" inside of you alive. Everyone loves to laugh, and i love to bring that humorous energy

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