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quartz with chlorite inclusions: (

Stibnite with Calcite mw

~Phantom Quartz~Due to its extremely slow formation, a Phantom Crystal has absorbed its knowledge and learning over eons of time. Helping one to put the past into perspective, a Phantom Crystal also helps point the way toward growth and personal and spiritual evolution.

Quartz with Dumortierite Inclusions, fibrous sky blue radial starbursts! #pixiecrystals we love fibrous minerals, especially blue ones!

Phenacite, Birmanie

Scorodite on Beudantite - Tsumeb, Namibia, 8 x 5 x 3 cm. This riveting display-sized matrix scorodite is a "jewel" with astonishing brilliant blue color, in crystals to almost 2 cm in length. The crystals are perched on a sparkling matrix of brilliant brown-black beudantite, making this also an uncommonly rich beudantite specimen. Purchased from dealer Herb Obodda, who had gotten it from a private collection just before Tucson of 2001. Photo John Schneider

Light blue Topaz perched atop Lepidolite

Quartz avec inclusions de chlorite.

#Topaz from Xanda Mine Southeast Region, Brazil; #JPS

Pagan. ~D~ I am a Crone and endeavor to do my best for myself and others. One piece of important advice. If you have harmed anyone or anything find the courage to ask forgiveness.Whether it is given is not what is important. What is important is that you use your heart and soul in the asking. Doing so means you have excepted your wrong doing and learned. Thus you will not have to repeat that particular problem in your next life.