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Mans costume from 1560 @ Janet Comber – Time Tailor

walter raleigh 1590 - Google Search

« Knyaz Igor » tunique d'Âge sombre en lin ArmStreet

Clothing was inspired by the Venetian fashions in 1570-1580 ,Tailor Zuzka…

Excellent french costume articles this one on a high status man's outfit. Proposition de reconstitution d'un costume de brodeur vers 1200 - Reconstitutions

Citizen from Langers16th century The clothing of Lagners citizen consists of linen doublet and pants. Both parts are tied together. It seems that pants at that time were not holding at the waist itself. Man is able to dress himself. The doublet is bit looser than his noble ideal to allow his owner free movement. The sleeves are attachable. Below the doublet is linen shirt.

Batwoman Version XII ... where the history of bliaut cursed - Page 2

Elizabethan Gentleman in a leather doublet. - Paul needs to make an outfit like this!

Renaissance Rapier Doublet - Northern Italian, c.1530-1540 - by Sarah French