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Infinity scarf tutorial

artist bag ... the tutorial! Looks like something good for church

tuto 100% astucieux !!! réalisation d'un long chèche en utilisant le minimum de tissu !

Cool and simple t shirt refashion

Bettinael.Passion.Couture.Made in france: Diy 15 idées de couture saison Automne hiver

Easy jumper Hack - cut back of a sweater that's too small and insert lace. Cutting higher will make sweater looser in chest and neck. The wider the lace the more give.

Car Diddy Bag - Free Sewing Tutorial

Keep everything you need handy - and organized - in the car with this sweet little bag! Mine holds my phone (and the cords, lol), a couple pens, and anything else I want to toss in there quick while I'm driving. From the front you can see it has all the features that we noticed on this month's Pinterest Un-Tutorial. But there's more...