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The USS Valkyrie is my redesign of a Star Trek fighter carrier starship, the USS Typhon (from the old PS1 game 'Star Trek: Invasion'). I've upscaled her so that she's big enough to carry 2 x Defian...

These are the warp fighters the pilots on the U.S.S. Resolve and the U.S.S. Harbinger use in Star Trek: Theurgy. The first design of the Gryphon-class Warp Fighters were made by Andrew Gillespie (K...

Nicolas Beaujouan - Minimal Wrath

Federation Carrier USS Valkyrie Size Comparison 1 by calamitySi on DeviantArt

A size comparison between the USS Valkyrie, the USS Legacy and the USS Lakota. All of these were built by me apart from the Defiant class ship, which I included as a reference for size, as eve...

Star Trek Artshow Final Frontier VF

Star Trek II ~ the Wrath of Khan ~ Matt Ferguson, Battle of Mutara Nebula

Star Trek Starship Designs | Sabre Class Starship Ver. 2

L’exposition des 50 ans de Star Trek révélée !