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painting elven enechantree riding a dragon

Pirelli-Kalender 1995: Nadja Auermann im Fokus

Nadja Auermann by Richard Avedon. 1995 Pirelli Calendar. #vintage #editorial

Liber Floridus by Lambert of Saint-Omer: Dragon Major

dragon - Liber Floridus ("book of flowers") is a medieval encyclopedia that was compiled between 1090 and 1120 by Lambert, Canon of Saint-Omer.[1]the first of the encyclopedias of the High Middle Ages that slowly superseded the work of Isidore of Seville. There is also a copy in the Herzog August Bibliothek, Wolfenbüttel, Germany.Liber floridus includes various maps including a mappa mundi. The Ghent manuscript, being the oldest of the known copies and dating from earlier than 1125.


Dragon Rider

Elven Dragon Rider

painting of odin riding Sleipnir