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Craig Drake - Buffy

They Call Me Buffy The Vampire Slayer Racerback

When I'm not busy slaying vampires I'm at the gym getting buff, thats why the call me buffy the vampire slayer. Can you say the same about your self. Show some

"What amazes me 10 years after Firefly, he’s the same guy. Incredibly talented. Modest. Funny. Full of passion and things to say. He does what he does for the right reasons: This guy loves telling stories. I love how much attention he’s getting right now. It’s well deserved. And overdue." Fillion on Joss <3

BtVS! This is a screenshot from 'Tabula Rasa' (S6E8), a classic episode that I have seen too many times to count! <3

Drusilla :) such an awesome character

Of all the rip-out-your-heart feels moments in The Joss' portfolio, this might be the worst.