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Tracy Deep from her series "Desert Song" As an artist, nature is not only her source of inspiration but also her medium and subject matter. She obsessively gathers all sorts of organic detritus such as dried tree branches, seed pods, kelp, raffia, and driftwood and breathes a second life into them, transforming them into ethereal, woven sculptures that enunciate her fascination for the natural world around her.

wood assemblage 2 by lisa temple-cox, via Flickr

Marc Bourlier - "The Bird House", Driftwood, linene twine. 36x30x12cm, 2006.

Trees and Water by Inga Hunter. Layered handmade cotton paper, pastel, paint, sticks twined with silk thread.

à partir de La boite verte

Des délicates sculptures de feuilles

feuille-sculpture par Kay Sekimachi

Joan Baxter ... winter sky line i love this. currently, i have a 'bouquet' of sticks in a glass jar on the window sill in the kitchen...

Long seeds pods from a white orchid tree are embellished by the embroidery floss that keeps them in place

woven vases by basketmaker Vladimir Dvorak | woven - baskets vases urns - garden sculpture

handcrafted metal vessels | ... . Elle a parfois recours à d'autres matériaux: métal ou perles

This hard maple piece represented a departure from my spoon and dish-based work. Photographer friend Rudy Hellmann "rescued" a section of maple tree that a neighbor had used as a support for both another tree and for a hoist. Made by carving into the end grain.