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SU-76M Light Mechanised Gun

a kv-2 out fitted with a M-60 107 mm divisional gun M1940. the m-60 was a impressive gun that can penetrate a tank from 1,000m. the project was later canceled in favor of the Stalin tank series

ELC EVEN 30 (Engin Leger de Combat) candidat from Hotchkiss manufacture. This variant was armed in two 30 mm guns and two coaxial machine gun mounted in pedestal type turret.

Sturmtiger (German: "Assault Tiger") is the common name of a World War II German assault gun built on the Tiger I chassis and armed with a large rocket launcher. The official German designation was Sturmmörserwagen 606/4 mit 38 cm RW 61. Its primary task was to provide heavy fire support for infantry units fighting in urban areas

VBL (Vehicule Blindé Léger) french "Light Armoured Vehicle"

Su-76M Soviet self-propelled artillery system Su-76M in Vienna in 1945,

The Renault FT 17 was the only ww1 tank being able to operate on messy terrain.

Spring 1944 in Belarus - Russian self-propelled guns SU-76M pass dead German soldiers.