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Game of Hounds and Jackals…{36bfd863-bd71-4d58-b1b2-f3f865084dbb}

Dagobert's Throne is a relevant figure of the romanesque times. it has the pattern carving to archs at the back and geometric patterns present.

Broad collar of Senebtisi{36bfd863-bd71-4d58-b1b2-f3f865084dbb}

Game board in the form of hippopotamus and three-headed canine chips to play 58 holes. Siliceous faience inlaid glass and wood. Late Period ( 664-332 BC.) Egypt © Musée du Louvre

The board rests on four bulls' legs; one is completely restored and another only partially. There is a drawer with a bolt to store the playing pieces: five pins with hounds' heads and five with jackals' heads

Sakkara / Kagemni Tomb / Nile animals / Ancien Egypt, 6th Dynasty.{36bfd863-bd71-4d58-b1b2-f3f865084dbb}

Antiquités égyptiennes. Ensemble de jeux : plateau de jeu de tchaou, pions divers et dé. Période : nouvel empire (vers 1550-1069 av J.-C.). Lieu de découverte : Deir el-Medineh (site) (origine). Paris, musée du Louvre

Jerboa figurine{36bfd863-bd71-4d58-b1b2-f3f865084dbb}