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Full Moon

Some great photos showing the mating of the orbiter with the external fuel tank and boosters. Easy does it, precious cargo just hanging around.

Yamaha Roadstar Silverado 1700 [i think ;D] Detailing: Dreamcatcher on fuel tank Windshield Decal: wolf howling at full moon

At 22.47 hours on 31 Oct 1941, U-96 fired four single torpedoes at the convoy OS-10 from a long range during a full moon night and claimed the sinking of two ships with 13,000 grt. In fact, only the Bennekom (Master Leonardus Hendrik Mager) in station #22 was hit on the port side amidships in the deep tank in #4 hold by one torpedo, which had been spotted too late to be evaded by putting the wheel hard to port. The fuel oil in the tank immediately caught fire and was blown over the ship,

This artist's concept shows NASA's Space Launch System atop its Florida launch pad.

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A-1 Test Stand Houses First Full Engine in Nearly a Decade

Refueling at the Moon is the Best Option for Successful Mission to Mars

Time is an answer, but the question is how much more can i take before i call a halt to everything? Its like a car running on fuels, i can honestly tell you there's only a few more miles left in the tank before the car will completely stopped.

Rouler à moto peut nous faire toucher les étoiles....

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