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Pour découvrir la vie et l'Œuvre de Chagall : "MARC CHAGALL ? SUIVEZ LE GUIDE" de Pylb et Tristan Pichard https://www.tristan-pichard.fr/suivez-le-guide-chagall/

ANNIE LEIBOVITZ - ESCAPE My work forces me to travel all the time. Flights, delays, lost baggage, jet lag, endless journeys onboard the weirdest means of transport. No matter how far I travel, I can never escape the way I can when I am behind my camera. That is my real break from the world, those are the moments I dedicate to myself.

Bruce Springsteen

Looks as though f1 is headed into the sunset of my fan hood with their sanitized go kart like spec cars. It's become more boring than NASCAR. Ditch the spec tyre, loosen regs so teams can experiment and bring back refueling. WEC will work for me n the mean time.

Mère & Fille

My wife never believed I could go back to school 44-year-old doughnut hawker 200L UNIUYO student The last few days have indeed been some of the most interesting times in the life of Mr. Lawrence-White Udoka. Since photographs of the 44-year-old man hawking doughnuts while neatly dressed went viral the Akwa Ibom-born father of two has suddenly transcended from a little known Nigerian to a celebrity of sort. From east to west north to south images of Udoka are almost now a common sight…

Los Angeles-based photographer Brooke Shaden creates hauntingly-beautiful works that seem to live in their own world.

Les mondes merveilleux d'Antonio Lopez http://www.vogue.fr/culture/a-voir/diaporama/les-mondes-merveilleux-d-antonio-lopez/9576

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