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Excavated Bangle, Harappa. A just discovered terra-cotta bangle. Harappa, Pakistan.

Early Beadmakers of the Indus Tradition. techniques used by the ancient beadmakers for the production of 'steatite' beads in Mehrgarh (Pakistan) during the fifth century (BCE).

The "Priest King" statue of carved soapstone found in 1927 at Mohenjo-daro, the most famous center of the ancient Harappan civilization of Pakistan and India's Indus Valley. Along with its contemporaries in Egypt, Mesopotamia and Crete, this sophisticated society (c. 3300–1300 BC) was one of the world's earliest major urban civilizations. National Museum, Karachi, Pakistan.

5x - Ancient Harappa in 3-D

Terracotta humpbacked bull. Indus Valley, 3rd millennium B.C.

Polychrome terracotta humpbacked bull. Indus Valley, 3rd millennium B.C.

Togau ware Balochistan

Plaquette d'incrustation : personnage portant le nom du roi Ur-Nanshe. Tello