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Hair & Makeup: Danine Zwets @ Angelique Hoorn Management Job: Nouveau Photo: Sjoerd Geuke

8 pistes pour moins crier sur les enfants

8 pistes pour moins crier sur les enfants (et s'occuper de soi et de ses enfants dans le calme)

LinkedIn vous permet désormais de modifier votre profil sur ses applications mobiles

LinkedIn est un outil fort utile et potentiellement très puissant, mais il n’est pas parfait. Alors, sans prétentions aucunes, voici quelques idées pour améliorer l’outil et le rendre plus proche des pratiques du « réseautage »…

The Weekly Edition #43 I am doing the cliched thing where I say I can't believe it's 2017 already! I am just thankful I have made it through the first full week of work well nearly full. It definitely felt like a 5 day working week made only better when a colleague brought me in an ice cream. What can I say? I am easily pleased! Anyway on to my week; 01. Not much has happened this week. We have the builders in again for the final few bits. Well I say final few bits they are pretty big…

How did we make it snow, when zero snow was in sight? Our Creative Manager went around the office and gathered up everyone's hole punches! Then our shooting assistant threw them at our model. Instant snow for a photoshoot.

22 UNBELIEBABLE Quotes From Justin Biebers Early Years When your friends who swore off pop music back in high school are humming along to Love Yourself you know something fundamental has shifted about Justin Bieber. Today as the Canadian-born prodigy turns 22 years old the worlds perception of him is a far far cry from the Bieber Fever pandemic of 2009-2011. Back then you were either a teenage girl swooning at the sound of his smooth high voice; a grown-up amused by…

Left in Pieces chapter 2 by EmberFalcon on DeviantArt

How to write about your life | Penelope Trunk Blog A well written piece on how to write stuff people will want to read.

Profession: Full-Time Juggler -insert eye roll here - Sometimes I feel completely over whelmed witheither the lack of time I have to accomplish things or the fact that I manage my time so badly I never get thingsdone. I think it's probably the latter but don't tell my boyfriend that. So I thought I would do a post on my tips for effective time management. I mean we have all been there haven't we? Laundry to do a house to clean and also the very important maintenance of our hair makeup…

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